Geekvape Braid Coil 2 In 1


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Design: Bullet-style. The tank uses a bullet-style vape design, which makes the vape look delicate and cute.

Series: Braid Coil 2 In 1. Master Your Build: Whether you’re a coil-building enthusiast or just getting started, these coils empower you to master your coil-building skills and enjoy a tailored vaping experience.

Coil: Braid Coil. GeekVape Alpha Braid Coils – Tailored to Your Preferences: With multiple coil varieties available, you can tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. Experiment with both Hybrid Alpha Braid and N80 Alpha Braid coils to discover your ideal vape.

Department: Coil. Reliable Performance: Coils are engineered for reliable and consistent performance, ensuring that your vaping experience remains enjoyable.

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