APE’S Birth

Ape is a chimp born in an American laboratory named ‘Ape works’. This laboratory aims at birthing skilled and clever monkeys to send them into space when they are adults. It is located close to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Its specialty: DNA modification. It’s a part of the ‘Dulce’ base, one of the most top secret labs where searchers work relentlessly on creating smart species able to communicate with aliens. Ape is a very inquisitive and alert monkey who doesn’t suffer from his captive situation and takes all tests for games. He considers searchers as caring friends and is very happy about his life.

VAPE Story telling 1_Ape works_Relations avec

Ape picture by 'Ape works' scientifics


Lost in space

When Ape turns 13, searchers organize a large birthday party where he learns a big piece of news. He is now considered as an adult so the NASA has decided to send him on a potentially habitable planet – SHAKA_P – which orbits the star TRAPPIST-1a. Ape will travel with two older monkeys Boogie et Woogie for this top secret defense project. He’s very excited about traveling in space and attempting to communicate with the planet’s inhabitants. Unfortunately, the travel doesn’t go as planned. Their space ship is severely damaged during the violent landing on SHAKA_P’s uneven soil. The monkeys decide however to explore their surroundings. But Ape doesn’t know that Boogie and Woogie are not genetically modified like himself and cannot survive cosmic irradiations.

Representation of SHAKA_P, planet orbiting the TRAPPIST-1a star

Source: NASA

Ape front of the nasa
photographer before his trip for space

Ape is alone and wanders for hours on the planet seemingly deserted with no inhabitant in sight. Ape is feeling desperate: his unfortunate companions have died, the space ship is destroyed and his prospects of survival are not high. After three days, he’s about to give up when he discovers an abandonned space ship. Is it a proof that SHAKA_P hasn’t always been inhabited? Or that visitors came recently? Ape has no time for these questions, he’s entirely dedicated to his discovery and what it means for him. A chance to survive this ordeal. Ape decides to use the space shuttle to try returning to earth. After several days reparing the vessel, Ape has no food or water left. He decides to go for it and try to fly the space ship. And he manages to reach earth! He’s the only SHAKA_P explorer to ever come back alive.

Ape comes back transformed for ever.

Ape's space shuttle was spotted in South California, close to Palm Spring in the Joshua Tree Desert.
Hidden by the authorities for years, amateur pictures have reached us very recently.

The return to earth and captive life

Back on earth, Ape is imprisoned by the CIA in ‘Zone 51’, a secret military base located in Nevada. He’s being questioned on his mission, the signs of life he has observed but he’s also going to undergo a whole bunch of testing. Ape returning alive from his space exploration is a compelling piece of evidence that genetic modification has succeeded and has enabled him to resist spatial living conditions. And searchers witness an even more surprising fact: Ape has not only survived space travel, he’s also developed an incredible IQ, most certainly due to cosmic irradiations. Within a few months, he learns 8 languages and manages to solve the Remann hypothesis, a mathematics enigma unsolved since 1859. But Ape is unhappy, he faces extremely constraining conditions that bear no comparison with New Mexico. He wants to be free.

histoire de vape

Although many believe that 'Zone 51' is just a location for cutting-edge military aviation flight tests, many testimonies allow doubts to persist.
This place where Ape was imprisoned, could be dedicated to passengers back from outer space and eve sometimes to aliens.

Satellite picture


Classified picture of Ape taken by the CIA during his captive life in 'Zone 51'

histoire de vape


The release

After being held captive for 2 years, Ape manages to escape thanks to the help of a searcher who has been particularly moved by his dire living conditions. He negociates his tranquility with the CIA and the US government. The only trade-off consists in yearly visits to the Nevada base to undergo new tests. Ape is passionate about art and food, he decides to move to Paris, where he will discover new enjoyments: women and vaping.

Ape is constantly under surveillance

Picture taken in Paris - CIA



V'APE's birth

Ape is inspired by the intoxicating perfumes of his lady friends and develops an incredible sense of smell. He then decides to start creating wonderful e-liquids.

Ape becomes V’APE.

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