Why blow in his atomizer can be useful

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You may have already met a vapoteur blowing in his atomizer before sucking.
This gesture is not trivial. Indeed, there are two types of inhalation possible with the vape. Direct inhalation on the one hand, as through a large pipe, and indirect inhalation on the other hand, say "MTL" for Mouth To Lung. This is similar to smoking a traditional cigarette: first in the mouth, then in the lungs.

Blowing in his atomizer only concerns direct inhalation. The goal? Raise the temperature of the coil without burning the wick. Initially used by cloud chasers, this technique has been gradually democratized. The latter, because of their large assemblies of resistors, indeed needed a few seconds of heating before their coils reach their ideal operating temperature. By blowing into their atomizer, the cloud chasers allow their coil to heat while providing enough air to avoid burning themselves by inhaling.
Today, with the strong current powers, blow in its coil becomes more and more useful.
Electronics to the rescue

It was without counting on the hardware manufacturers. The latter have indeed innovated and now offer on some products a setting of the power curve as a function of time. Thus, you can choose for example to increase the power of your box the first three seconds of heating. The need to breathe then disappears. The new mesh resistors also have an ultra-fast (not to say instantaneous) heating rate and allow to vape directly without "pre-heating".

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