Where does the use of cotton come from in the vape?

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The story of the vape is filled with twists and discoveries due to chance, the famous serendipity, or experimentation. One of the most important is the arrival of cotton in the resistances. Indeed, 6 or 7 years ago, for a very long time on the scale of the vape - electronic cigarettes included wicks usually in silica, Ekowool, or mesh.

These materials were chosen for their high resistance to heat and capillarity. The ecigs of the time on their side were not as reliable as today. Leaks like dry hits were common, even for an experienced vaper.
Then the material improved but the locks remained the same. It worked well, why change after all? Until one day, an event like only Internet has the secret to happen. A simple post on Reddit was going to change everything: that of a vapoteur follower of the reconstructible to wick to create its resistance.

And came the cotton

In search of a replacement material, he failed in his bathroom. He saw his wife's cotton. After always using heat-resistant locks, he hesitated, then decided to use them. Thus was born the first cotton wick in the history of the vape!
He related his essay to the community and the results: excellent flavors, even better than anything else, and especially a ridiculous cost! As for the weakness of cotton in the face of heat, it was offset by its strong capillarity and no dry hit did not spoil the experience.

History and the high accessibility of cotton did the rest. Many vapers began to try the cotton wicks. Some boiled it to purify it, others turned to untreated, organic cottons.
We then saw sales of make-up cotton explode, like the Japanese brand "Puff". Then came the first manufacturers of cotton specially designed for the vape for rebuildables. Finally, it is now the Chinese manufacturers who use it within their ready-to-use resistances.

In a few years, cotton was everywhere!

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