The smooth vape, what is it?

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You may have already heard the term at the turn of a vapo: "vape smooth". What is smooth vape? Before answering this question, we will have to do some electronics again.

In your mechanical box, there is a chip or "chipset". This one is like a mini processor and therefore has a frequency, in Hertz. The electricity that will go from the battery to the resistance of your electronic cigarette via the chipset will take this frequency. It corresponds to the processing speed of the chip and can not go faster. Thus, the smooth and continuous current sent by your battery turns into a chopped current before reaching the resistor. This can be noticed especially on the box or kits of entry-level to a few tens of Hertz by the crackling that makes the e-liquid during the use.

The smooth vape is the opposite. It corresponds to a continuous electric current, which provides a denser vapor.
How to benefit?

The best known solution is the mechanical mod. This provides a smooth vape since the circuit between the battery and the resistor is direct. However, it has several disadvantages: the drop in voltage of the battery is not compensated (the mod vape less and less strong) and you are limited by the maximum voltage it can deliver (4.2 V for a single battery).
However, there is another solution: increase the frequency of chipsets! Indeed, beyond a certain frequency, none of our senses can make a difference. Most of today's mid-range and high-end boxes have enough chipsets to look smooth.

A history of heat

There is another Grail in the smooth vape, that of temperature control. Heating a resistance increases its temperature over time, so that of the liquid, and therefore that of the vapor.
The temperature control makes it possible to choose as a reference a precise temperature, where usually one adjusts a power (watts) or a tension (volts). Thus, the chip always delivers the same vapor over time. While this may seem like the ideal solution, it remains difficult to vape at high power through this mode. In addition, the resistive wires used are more difficult to use to create resistors.
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